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Friday, September 10

In Media Res: Part 7 – Morgan's Plan

Morowitz's plan, if he even had one, was dumb. But what Morgan watched Bean do to Jones was far, far worse.

The thrum of a police helicopter filled the air. A spotlight danced over the road, leading up to the cabin. A dark shape loped ahead of it. It had to be Morowitz.

Morgan shook his head. Dumb plan. He deserved to die.

Morgan remembered them all now. Johnny "The Smasher" Morowitz was the muscle, known for crushing skulls with his bare hands. Billy "Taste-Test" Bean was a serial killer who was fond of eating the brains of his victims. George "Incinerator" Jones was a pyromaniac…

Morgan looked around. Pyromaniac! Even in death perhaps Jones' skills could be put to good use. more


posted by Michael Tresca at 10:58 PM

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