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Thursday, March 8

I-CON 31 Gaming Announces Michael Tresca and Aaron Rosenberg

I'll be at I-CON this year on a few gaming panels this year: 
Michael "Talien" Tresca is a game designer, author, communicator, and artist. Michael has authored numerous supplements and adventures for publishers of Open Game License and d20-compatible games, including AEG, MonkeyGod Enterprises, Goodman Games, Otherworld Creations, Privateer Press, RPGObjects, and Ronin Arts. His articles and reviews have appeared in Allgame.com, D20 Filtered, Dragon Magazine, Gamers.com, Pyramid, and RPG.net. He has participated in panels about electronic and tabletop role-playing games at Bakuretsucon, Dragon*Con, and I-CON. Michael is both the National RPG and Sci-Fi Movie Examiner and recently published two books, The Evolution of Fantasy Role-Playing Games, a non-fiction history of gaming from McFarland Publishing and his fantasy fiction debut, The Well of Stars, from Three Ravens Books. When he's not writing, Michael can be found as his alter ego, Talien, on RetroMUD as an administrator. He lives in Connecticut with his wife, a preschooler, an infant, and a cat. All are fluent in English.


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