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Sunday, September 2

Support the Dungeons & Dragons: Documentary Kickstarter

These guys are awesome. Please support them!
Dungeons & Dragons is a game beloved by its fans. A game that brings family and friends together, creates communities, societies and sub-cultures. D&D teaches. We have heard countless stories of gamers who have delved deeper, studying history, language, science and math purely for the desire to be better players. Gamers have created lifelong friendships because of this game and come in all walks of life; firefighters, educators, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, and yes, even a few documentary film-makers. We need to interview people all over the country, find folks who were there at its creation, talk to experts to explain to us why this is such an important game. We also have archival footage to find and pay for. Once we get it "into the can", we then have to cut all of that footage together. We need to edit, add music and include some fun graphics, etc. We then have to sound mix it, master it and put all the finishing touches to make it look great. And we'd like to get all of it finished by 2014, the 40th anniversary of the first publication of Dungeons & Dragons, when the first boxed set was released.


posted by Michael Tresca at 5:41 PM

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