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Monday, December 31

Looking for a game columnist?

I'm not sure how many folks will see this but I'm going to put it out there as part of my New Years resolution: I am looking for a new home for my game writing.  My efforts to date in my other columns are not generating enough income to justify the effort.

However, I'm not willing to abandon writing a  column entirely. I enjoy having a platform for gaming advocacy. It has been instrumental in ensuring my voice is heard, enough that io9 has used my column as a source.  In short, there are much more popular platforms that get a lot more traffic for a lot less effort. I don't mind working hard, but it's becoming clear that I'm working harder than a lot of other folks for a lot less return.

So this is my official announcement that I am looking for a new home for my column. My requirements:
These requirements may be unrealistic, but I figure it's worth putting myself out there to see what my options are.

Happy New Year!

posted by Michael Tresca at 10:59 PM

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