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Friday, December 7

Please contribute to the #Punktown #RPG #Kickstarter

I've been working on-and-off for the past few years on a secret project that can now be revealed to the world: Jeffrey Thomas' Lovecraftian sci-fi setting known as Punktown is on track to be published as a Call of Cthulhu-compatible role-playing game by Miskatonic River Press in 2013.

After reading Jeff's fiction in Unholy Dimensions, I added everything else he wrote to my wish list. Over time I received a few more of Jeff's books, including Monstrocity and Everybody Scream! I was hooked. Jeff's world was so evocative I was convinced his books would have inspired a fan conversion of the setting to a role-playing game, so I did a search on Google for "Punktown" and "role-playing game." I came discovered this entry on Jeff's blog:

Some cool stuff that might happen: Polish and Korean translations of some of my work. Punktown graphic novels and role-playing game. LETTERS FROM HADES Hollywood production. We shall see…we shall see. I hope to have some solid facts to relate in the future. Or at least, a few more cute anecdotes, anyway.
When I asked Jeff if the RPG ever came to fruition he explained it had not:
Well, such things are often suggested — and Puntown graphic novels, and Punktown movies — but then too often people don’t pick up on the idea, or carry it for a short while before letting it fall behind. But I would still very much like to see that happen. Anybody out there? Huh?
I took Jeff up on his offer. After collaborating for the past two years we had a draft. Then it was a matter of finding a publisher. Cubicle 7's success with The Laundry RPG demonstrated that a licensed Call of Cthulhu was possible. There was only one publisher I knew personally in the Call of Cthulhu industry, whom I met at I-CON: Miskatonic River Press (MRP).

I knew MRP's quality from Our Ladies of Sorrow. The Mythos industry is a tight one, and Jeff's not just an author but a talented artist who collaborated with MRP previously. I had covered MRP at I-CON and spoken with President and Managing Editor Tom Lynch, Vice President in Charge of Gaming Oscar Rios, and Consulting Editor Scott David Aniolowski.

Once Tom, Jeff, and I connected the dots we signed a contract. I'm pleased to announce that the Kickstarter is now a reality.  Please share and contribute!


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