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Monday, February 22

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I write a lot on gaming and geek culture. I research, I interview sources, I try to connect dots in this overstuffed world of regurgitated content. We're in a new world order in which we no longer need distribution channels layering, skimming, siphoning off the top. Sick of ads?  Me too. Help me write what I love without having to wade through two videos and three pop-up banners.  I had 90 subscribers on Examiner. With just $1/month from each of them I could easily keep doing what I love most: writing and sharing with you! 

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No matter how many Patrons I have, I will at least write six articles a month because I really can't help myself. These articles are for free to the public, but for longer investigative or reference pieces I am happy to make the articles Patron only, let me know!

So what do I write about? Reviews of cartoons and movies I watch, games I play, books I read, and projects I fund. But I also try to connect the dots on overlooked issues in the gaming community, like the coming convention crisis, how 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons derailed, crowdfunding controversies, and defending geeks from jerks everywhere.

posted by Michael Tresca at 10:14 PM

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