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Wednesday, September 2

Examiner Still Won't Stop Emailing Me

But that's okay, they're very entertaining! The Director of Content had a very important message:
One item of note from the original notification you received: In my haste to get the message out about the whitelist, two versions of the message were sent. While both correctly stated the 10% CPM increase, one message neglected to say that it was being capped at a $400 maximum bonus. I wanted to personally apologize for the oversight. Regardless, I hope that you were still able to take advantage of the incentive and we hope to offer more in the near future.
Oops! Here's my favorite part:
On a more personal note, it is with great anticipation and trepidation I let you know that today will be my last day at Examiner.com.
Got questions? Too bad!
If anything comes up that you need assistance with, you can reach out to your contacts here directly, go through the Support Center or email...
But Examiners have a bright future ahead of them!
As stated in our email to all contributors, you are a member of a select group of Examiners who will continue to reinvent Examiner.com Thanks for your contributions and I look forward to watching the progress of the site.
P.S. You left off a period after Examiner.com in the second to last sentence.  I was going to tell the Director of Content about it but, well...


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